Monday, November 21, 2011

Another parking story

Speaking of parking, I was at Costco last week. As I was loading stuff into my car, I noted that another vehicle was hovering nearby. Its driver was obviously hoping to snag my parking spot as soon as I pulled away.

This annoyed me a bit. Why? Because there were numerous other parking opportunities just a few slots away. He really, REALLY wanted to nab my spot though, just so that he could park a little bit closer. Heck, in the time that it took for me to load my groceries into my car, he could have easily pulled into one of those nearby slots. Also, I didn't want to be rushed.

I don't recall what I did after that. I remember packing up my groceries and getting into the driver's seat. I think that I either tried to make a phone call or looked for some info on the web via my Blackberry. Whatever the case, there was stuff that I was doing, and I wasn't about to hurry up just so that someone else would have the luxury of parking a few precious feet closer to the Costco entrance.

After a while, I noted that this guy got the hint and parked somewhere else. Good for him.

It could have been worse. I once related the story of someone who started blowing her horn at me, obviously wanting me to hurry up so that she could take my spot -- and yes, in that situation, there were other parking spots available to her as well. Some people are just that lazy.