Saturday, April 03, 2010


I was asked to help three of my co-workers move these two slabs of polished granite back onto our conference room table. (Together, they constituted the tabletop.) Mind you, these things are solid stone and they way a few hundred pounds each.

The slabs were resting on a dolly, in a near-vertical orientation, so we first had to gently tip them to a horizontal orientation. Unfortunately, as soon as I placed my hands on the end of one slab, one co-worker jumped the gun. He started tipping the slab over from his end, before the other two guys were in position -- and without asking me if I was ready. He also started moving it a bit too quickly, rather than slowly and gingerly.

When I felt it shift, I yelled, "Not yet! Not yet!" but it was too late. We lost control, and both slabs started to crash. One of them hit my hand and wristwatch, causing a sprain, massive swelling, and some bruises. The momentum also forced me to the floor, causing me to sprain my ankle. Somehow, one of my toes was also banged up and developed a nasty hematoma. By God's grace though, nothing was broken.

Accidents happen, I know, but this was a case of tremendous recklessness on so many levels.