Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Slug, Part III

BTW, somebody complained to the class instructor that I was running into her during the class. I'm pretty sure that it was the slug, since she made some kind of remark when I was doing back kicks and supposedly tagged her or something.

The thing is, I was doing BACK kicks. I didn't run into her; rather, she was standing too close behind me when were were kicking. Common sense should dictate that if the class is going to be kicking backwards, you shouldn't stand too close behind another person in the class. What a diva.

The problem is that she doesn't pay attention. She often starts the moves late, acting as though the class was catching her by surprise. She doesn't have her head in the game. That's one reason why she barely moves -- because her mind isn't engaged by the class and she puts in no effort to speak of.