Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gym, yeah!

I was talking to some ladies in the gym. I was commending them for the fact that they work out so hard, clearly putting a lot of effort into their moves and meeting their fitness goals. In contrast, a lot of other folks in these classes are basically spinning their wheels -- completely wasting their time. They will never get any substantial results unless the start putting more effort into their workouts.

I've read some message board discussions wherein other gym afficionados made similar comments. Predictably, some other posters got offended. One person even said, "Who are you to say how hard other people should work out? Huh?"

The thing is, it's not a question of telling others how hard they SHOULD work out. Rather, it's simply a matter of recognizing that if you want to see results, you need to put in a respectable amount of effort. If you're doing practically nothing, they you will see practically no results.

Some people just "phone it in" during their workouts. Any physical improvements that they see will be utterly minimal.