Saturday, March 27, 2010

About offshoring... I'd like to post the following excerpt from some net acquaintance of mine. I've cleaned up the spelling, grammar, and punctuation a little bit, though.

This anecdote is about Mary, who discovered outsourcing about 4-5 years ago. This was great! she said. She worked hard and tirelessly outsourcing most of her area. One day, after work, she was telling me how great it was. How the cost savings were tremendous. She had laid off about 20 people (most of here area).

I remember asking...why stop where you did?...why not I bet someone from India could do your job for 1/10th your salary...saving the company a couple hundred thousand a year! heck...they could probably even do it better because they are with the India team while you are back here.

(I said it much more diplomatically than that.)

I saw a glint of fear in her eyes...immediately squelched. "OF COURSE, they can't outsource ME! I'm important! I add value!"

Less than one year later she was laid off. Her position is now in India. She actually cried her last day. The bitch laid off about 20 people...caused much misery and she CRIED when she was led to the gallows she made? No sympathy here.

That's the thing about outsourcing. If we are going to pursue it, let's pursue it with more rigor. If outsourcing is so good for America...let's look at outsourcing some of the lower executives...see how it goes. After we really need CFO's and the like in America? Couldn't a really smart Indian work better and cheaper?

Sounds stupid...but why? They are smart folks. They can do it. It only sounds stupid to the execs because you only outsource too-high paid prima donnas like programmers and such...not people who do real work like Execs!