Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another gym encounter

So I was on one of the elliptical trainers at my gym. I was reading comic books, since the up-and-down motion of a treadmill or elliptical trainer makes book reading more difficult.

The fella to my right kept trying to chat me up. I guess he was bored, and I guess he didn't think that I might want to concentrate on my reading. It got kinda annoying, and so I was tempted to switch to another machine. I didn't though, since I didn't want to needlessly upset the guy. It's best to avoid that when you're at the gym, especially if you might encounter the fella again.

The worst part is that he kept making all sorts of inane comments. "So, that Wonder Woman, she's all about sex, right?" Ugh.

Looking back, I wish I had said, "Say, do you mind if we discuss this after I'm done reading?" And to be fair, the guy was probably a complete gym newbie -- the kind of fella who hardly ever exercises, and who didn't stop to think that it'd be good to have a magazine or an MP3 player with him as he stayed on the machines.