Friday, October 22, 2010

The annoying slug

There is this woman in my gym that I think of as "the slug." It's not a kind nickname, which is why I don't share it with anyone. In my mind though, that's how I think of her.

She barely moves during the Saturday morning Hi-Lo class. From the very start of the class, she always adopts a hangdog expression. She doesn't really do the moves; rather, she moves as though she's dragging her limbs through molasses. Instead of doing a kick or a knee raise, for example, she just kinda lifts her foot a couple of inches off the floor.

No wonder she hasn't shown any results over the past couple of years. Working out the way she does, she's not going to get anything done. Heck, she'd get a better workout just by going for a brisk walk, since she hardly moves at all.