Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Miscellaneous rantings

It's late at night, and so I just want to rant about some diverse topics right now.

First, I hate how long it takes for Windows XP to boot up, even on a fast computer. Even after it boots up, it can take forever before the OS starts to respond to mouse clicks. This is doubtlessly because Microsoft chose to integrate all sorts of unnecessary pre-processing. It's the only reasonable explanation, once one has ruled out spyware, adware and viruses. Talk about bloatware.

I just finished watching a commercial on Restasis, a product which is supposed to increase tear production in people with dry-eye syndrome. This reminds me of how my old opthalmologist insisted that I should persist with using contact lenses, despite my dry eyes. For over a year, I labored mightily despite tremendous discomfort, all because he assured me that I should be able to adapt. Thankfully, another opthalmologist later advised me not to continue with contacts, since my substandard tear production would make them pretty much unbearable. Continually flooding my eyes with eyedrops simply was not an option, despite my opthalmologist's protestations.

I also wanted tp post a link to this inspirational article on a mystery shopping site. I've never been a mystery shopper, but I wouldn't mind trying this out sometime. I don't know that I'll ever get a chance, but it might be nice to try.

I've been learning about Chinese technology and engineering practices as well. I like cross-cultural exchanges.

Oh, and I hate the way my floorboards creak. This makes it very difficult to get any aerobic exercise done at home without disturbing my neighbors below. Ugh.

Gonna watch a theatre comedy show on Friday. This should be fun. I'm also looking forward to the season premiere of "24" on Sunday. Yay.